Improve Work Efficiency during the Holidays


The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Between planning holiday office parties, organizing vacation time, and getting caught up for next quarter, it’s easy for office spaces to descend into mayhem. The good news is that as stressful as the holidays can be, they can teach you a lot about your office’s productivity. Use these tips to improve work efficiency in the new year.

How to Improve Work Efficiency

  1. office christmas partyAssess the office. When things are slow and steady, you may not notice organizational issues the way you do during busier times. But when you trip over an office chair for the 4th time in one morning, it’s a pretty good indicator that your office needs reorganizing. Pay attention to how the busier holiday time affects workflow.
  2. Get moving. Feeling overwhelmed with your holiday workload? Give the office the feng shui treatment. You’ll be amazed at how much it affects your mood (and your productivity).
  3. Take notes. You may think you’ll remember to redevelop the vacation request form after the holiday mayhem dies down, but trust us, all you’ll remember is the eggnog at this year’s office shindig. If you notice something that needs restructuring, make a note and discuss it with your boss after the New Year.
  4. Out with the old. The holiday season is a time for fresh starts. If your cubicle structure isn’t cooperating with the company workflow, consider an office refurbishment to start 2017 off right.

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