3 Keys To Increasing Your Email Productivity


emailing How productive are you at work? Do you spend the majority of your time completing your job duties or checking and responding to emails? At RandMOffice.com, we understand that it can be very easy to fall into a rabbit hole filled with emails. This is why we’ve put together three things to remember that’ll increase your email productivity. Check them out!

Avoid The First Temptation To Click

Email can be addictive, especially when you are constantly receiving emails. Find a way to avoid that first temptation to open every unread email you have as soon as you get the email notification. This will have you switching back and forth to your email box ALL DAY LONG instead of focusing on your work. The best way to keep this from happening is to refrain from checking your inbox at all during designated times.

Set Firm Email Deadlines and Stick To Them

In order to do your best work you need to allow certain chunks of your day to work without email interruption. Understanding that email is addictive and when you do one you will likely get sucked into doing many, build blocks of time into your day when you will close your email program and do other work. This concept also rings true vice versa, set a scheduled time to check your email every day. This time could be one hour in the morning every day before you start your work or one hour every day before you leave for the day.

Age Your Email Before You Reply

The faster you reply, the faster you’ll receive emails. Every email you get takes you time to mentally process and to manually move, delete, or respond to. Consider waiting until the current task you’re working on is done to respond to a new email notification. You can also wait until your designated email time, but we do not suggest waiting more than 48 hours to reply to an email as this is bad communication practices.

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