Stay Alert at Work (No Nap Required!)


Maybe it’s a gray day. Maybe you’re under the weather. Maybe you stayed up too late binge watching Netflix last night. But the coffee just isn’t cutting it this morning. What to do?

RandMOffice shares our tried and true tips for staying alert at work.

6 Ways to Stay Alert at Work

  1. tired businesswoman stretchingStretch. Not only does stretching release tension (sitting at a computer can be painful work!), it also gets the blood moving. If you have time, you can also take a quick walk around the office to keep your mind and body active.
  2. Snack. No, we’re not giving you permission to eat that slice of cake leftover from last week’s office party. Grab a midday snack that’s packed with natural nutrients and energy boosters, like bananas with peanut butter or a low-sugar protein bar.
  3. Hydrate. If you’re not hydrated, your mind and body will start feeling sluggish. Use proven tricks like these to help you drink up during the day.
  4. Sit up straight. Did you know your body takes in less oxygen when you’re slumped over? Good posture isn’t just a way to avoid a backache; it also helps you stay awake at work.
  5. Change it up. Do you consistently work through lunch? No wonder you’re drooping over your desk! Studies show that a change of scenery can keep you alert and productive throughout the day. Try eating lunch outside, chatting with an office friend for a few minutes, or just looking out the window for a minute or two.
  6. Be smart about your schedule. It’s easy to wilt during the tedium of daily tasks. Organize your day to help you stay productive. This, in turn, will keep you alert at work.

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