5 Signs It’s Time to Update the Office


With so much on your weekly checklist, things like office refurbishment are easy to put off for another time. But “some day” never seems to come. If you’re contemplating an office refurbishment, here are 5 signs it’s time.

5 Signs It’s Time for an Office Refurbishment

  1. Outdated tech. Many offices rely heavily on technology. When that tech is broken or outdated, it slows productivity to a crawl. Talk to your IT crew about whether it’s time to replace old computers and phone systems (and update the office furniture while you’re at it).
  2. Tired businesswoman in officeLow productivity. If there’s no clear reason for low office productivity, it’s probably a problem with morale. Low morale can be caused when employees feel penned in by a dreary or cramped cubicle. Assess your office space and consider revamping your cubicles.
  3. Bad lighting. Did you know that light affects people’s mood? This is a big part of why some people feel melancholy in the winter. Make sure your office lighting is warm and bright to engage your team members and make it feel welcoming to clients and guests.
  4. Distracted or chatty employees. Does your staff have trouble buckling down and getting work done? It may be time to consider the benefits of working in a cubicle.
  5. Unappealing office space. Depending on your industry, your office space may be your customer’s’ first impression of your business. Are you projecting an aura of attention to detail, or a messy, worn-out office that’s not what the client is looking for?

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