3 Ways To Attract An Awesome Intern


interns Attracting college interns with an awesome attitude, passion, and willingness to learn can be a challenge at times, especially when thousands of college students are all trying to snag an internship as a part of their requirement for college graduation. Needless to say, an intern can be a great asset to your company just as much as they can be a liability. This is why the RandMOffice.com team’s listed a few things your company can do to attract awesome interns as told by business experts. Check it out.

Retarget Your Market
“Instead of getting press on hot blogs like Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and The Next Web, and marketing your internship through Google Ads. Try inbound marketing tactics that’ll surely weed out the students who are eager to take any old job, and you’ll find interns who are already excited about working with you. Blog about your internship opportunity. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook.” – Christopher Pruijsen | Co-Founder / Partnerships (UK), FounderBus

Plan Non-Work Activities
“The best internship programs are not just about the projects on-the-job. The best interns are looking for summer programs that enable them to bond with other interns, learn from executives at the firm, and more. Enhance your internship program with activities outside the workplace for the interns to participate in. Promote these, alongside the projects, to attract the best possible candidates.” – Danny Wong | Co-Founder, Blank Label Group, Inc.

Help Them Craft Their Resume
“Interns are looking for resume builders. Think of the projects you design for your interns as potential resume bullet points — the ones that highlight achievements and performance metrics. It’s a great way to sell the role, align your team on how to best manage resources and build in clear goals and accountability.” – Doreen Bloch | CEO / Founder, Poshly Inc.

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